Our contact center solutions are renowned by public and private clients throughout the country.  Our solutions can be customized according to the hours, days, applications, and services you need.

We treat each interaction as if it is the only time an individual will reach out for help.  We track each interaction from start to finish to provide our clients with useful resolution and statistical data.  We also provide a variety of secure online tools to allow our clients to manage their protocols and data.


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Social Service Case Management

· Detailed Crisis Assessment & Screening

· Youth Counseling

· Secure Case Intake & Management

· Suicide Intervention Screening and Provider Referral

· Community Resource Referral

· Homeless Outreach Helpline


Abuse & Bullying Reporting

· Child Abuse Reporting & Intervention

· Elder & Disabled Persons Abuse Reporting & Intervention

· School Safety Helplines

· Depression and Suicidology Screening and Assessment

· Crisis & Suicide Intervention

· Audience Specific Reporting Hotlines

· Community Specific Reporting Hotlines (i.e. LGBTQ, Exceptional Children)

· Secure Online, Text, Email, & Phone Reporting

· Social Nation U©Online Social Media Training for Kids and Parents


Medical & Behavioral Health Intake                 

· Assessment and Provider Coordination and Response Tracking

· Crisis & Suicide Intervention

· Health Insurance Program  Information & Referral

· Nurse Triage

· Telehealth

· Switchboard Service

· Medical Answering Services

· Sleep Study Enrollment and Information

· Case Management and Follow-Up

· Patient Follow-Up and Check-In

· Reporting on Wait and Resolution Times for Customer Satisfaction

·  Secure, Remote Access to EMR/EHR for Individual Patient Support, Appointment Setting


“CALLS PLUS has performed its contractual obligations.  They have been quick to troubleshoot and bring any caller issues to our attention in a timely manner.  During the initial start-up phase, their supervisors were willing to provide additional training to their Customer Care Specialists in order to handle calls in a manner best suited to our specific needs.  They also provided input and recommendations on customizing our script and message forms.

This service has allowed us to provide the same level of services that were provided by office staff, both effectively and cost efficiently.”

Director of a Major Public Assistance Investigative Body


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Facility Maintenance Request Intake    

·       Assessment of Issue Severity

·       Protocols for Routine, Urgent, & Emergency Repairs

·       Maintenance Technician Dispatch

·       Tenant & Staff Wellness Checks

·       Secure Data Entry into Your Work Order System

·       Complaint Reporting & Follow-Up

·       Public Housing Waitlist Enrollment & Information

·       Reporting on Wait and Resolution Times for Customer Satisfaction

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Ethics & Compliance Reporting            

· Corporate Compliance Information & Reporting

· Harassment & Discrimination Reporting

· Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Reporting

· Workplace Violence Reporting

· Drug & Alcohol Abuse Reporting

· Secure Online & Phone Intake of Complaints

· Secure Online Case Management Database

· tEQuitable© Confidential Ombuds and Corporate Governance Solutions

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Information & Referral Services

· Detailed Interview and Individualized Referrals

· Resource Database Development

· General Answering Services

· Message Taking and Dispatch

· Reporting on Wait and Resolution Times for Customer Satisfaction

· Follow-Up